Volunteer at the Isaiah House

Our Precious Volunteers

The time and talents of many enable this gentle ministry to exist. Thus, volunteers are our greatest resource. We welcome any interested persons from the Rochester area to this interfaith community of service. The opportunity to share another’s precious days of living while dying is indeed a privilege and a blessing.

Become a Volunteer

We are currently looking for volunteers and need to fill evening and weekend shifts, as well as volunteers to help clean our home. If you are interested in volunteering please see below to fill out our application. When completed, our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you to schedule an interview.

We ask our volunteers for a minimum of eight hours a month, based on two to four-hour shifts, Monday through Sunday. Orientation and training will be provided for those who meet volunteer requirements. This is supplemented with periodic in-service education.

What are the responsibilities of a volunteer caregiver?

Being a volunteer caregiver involves a variety of responsibilities, including:

Physical care
(bedside care, bathing)

Emotional/spiritual support for the resident and family

Companionship, encouragement, presence

Serving as a willing listener

Who volunteers at Isaiah House?

Our volunteers are a diverse group of people who see the value and worth of every person. All are compassionate and feel the need to serve.

 Not all volunteers provide bedside care. Some tend the garden, clean our home, or share their talents in other ways. All are appreciated.

What is it like volunteering at Isaiah House?

The emphasis at Isaiah House is on living and quality of life for our residents. To play a small part in their final journey is an incredibly uplifting experience for our volunteers. We find great satisfaction in knowing we have made someone smile or brought a family member to the bedside who may not have made it otherwise.

How will I be trained?

We provide an orientation and training for all of our volunteer caregivers. New volunteers are always paired with an experienced caregiver when beginning at Isaiah House.

Volunteer Application

Please fill out the form below to apply for a volunteer position at the Isaiah House.

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