Compassionate Care for Your Loved One

Helping our residents and their families to make each day the best day that it can possibly be

“Our lives are enriched beyond measure when we accept the eventuality of our own deaths and are free to live fully—and thankfully—each moment.”

The Isaiah House Project: Lessons in Dying and Compassion

This 40 minute documentary is a labor of love by filmmaker Laura Scarpati. She gifts our residents with a space to honor their stories, and shines a light on the kind of healing and care that is possible at the end of life.

A portion of proceeds benefits Isaiah House.

A Home for the Dying

At Isaiah House, we affirm the value of life at every stage by providing compassionate care for the dying. While neither hastening or preventing death, we help our residents live their last days in comfort and love.

We offer residence to people with irreversible illnesses who have been determined to be within the last three months of their lives. Hospitality and comfort are rendered in cooperation with a certified home health agency and the resident’s physician. We can serve two residents at a time in our house. We believe in the dignity and value of every person and we welcome everyone with the same unconditional love.

Isaiah House charges no fee. We rely on the generosity of those we touch — the friends, family and loved ones of those who have helped during their final journey — through memorial donations, estate planning, volunteering and more.

Donate Now

Isaiah House receives no government funding. We rely solely on donations to keep our doors open. Thank you so much for your interest in helping the Isaiah House!

Words of Love

Testimonials from those whose hearts we’ve touched.

Warm, compassionate, the best of the best. Isaiah House provided the opportunity for Mom to live the final days with dignity, respect, comfort, and more love than anyone could imagine. Thank you to all who work and volunteer at Isaiah House from the depths of our hearts. You all have angel wings.

– Terri Keenan

“YES, I LOVE IT.  Being at Isaiah House, that is.  At the same time, I have to admit that I am so damn impressed with Kristin and the entire philosophy, values, communication/ transparency, challenges with people that are entrusted to our care, etc…. that the quality of my time actually “working” during my shifts pales in comparison.  In other words, the hours I’m there are fine to good, while my joy at just being involved with such a wonderful place is huge! “
– Linda I.F.
Isaiah House is not a home for the dying, it is a home for the living! It is a home full of angels on earth just bestowing kindness and love upon all who enter.

– Lauren MacPherson Zwetsch

Isaiah House; Love, peace, laughter, tears, hope, angels, compassion, miracles, memories, caring, safety

– Beth Kirkpatrick

This is definitely home – a home full of angels, warmth, and caring.

– Libby Moore

Kristen is a heaven sent angel. She’s so lovely and kind!! She made it her duty to help my father and I! I couldn’t be more blessed to have her support!

– Evelyn Smith

Wonderful people with wonderful hearts!

– Stephen Powell